Call Us: 1 (869) 465-7474

– What to bring?

We recommend that you bring with you towels, swim wear, sun protection and prescription

mask if you have one

– Do you have life jackets?

Yes we do have lifejackets on board including different sizes from infant to adult

– Where do you snorkel?

We generally snorkel in Shitten Bay, which is on the west coast in the lee of St. Kitts’ S.E.

Peninsula. This area is only accessible by sea. It is 15-20 feet deep.

– Where do you have lunch on the beach in Nevis?

We have lunch on Pinney’s Beach at our own beach spot between the Four Seasons Resort and

Paradise Beach

– What is the size of the catamarans?

Our largest, catamaran is Spirit of St. Kitts is 78 feet long and 33 feet wide.

Eagle, our midsize catamaran, is 67 feet long and 30 feet wide.

Caona, based in Nevis, is 47 feet long and 20 feet wide.

– Do you sail or motor?

We offer sailing catamarans and as long as there is enough wind we sail. On days without

favorable wind we have no choice but to use the engine to keep the tour on time

– Are drinks included on the tour?

An open bar is included on all tours

– What form of payment do you accept

We accept cash in USD and ECD and VIS, Master Card & American Express credit cards

– How do we get on and off the boat?

On Spirit of St. Kitts and Eagle you can board and disembark in 2 ways: 1. At a pier by taking one

big step or; 2. Via forward steps that lower into the water or onto the shallow beach shores

Caona can also be boarded via pier or up the swim ladder on the side of the boat

– Do you do private charters?

In addition to our scheduled tours we do also offer private day sailing charters. Your tour can be

tailored to your wish once physically possible. We offer private sails on any of our 3 catamarans

from St. Kitts and Nevis. If you can give us details of what you have in mind we will work with

you to arrange your special cruise with us.

– We are visiting on a cruise line, can we book directly with you?

Cruise ship guests join us from cruise lines except Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines and Celebrity

Cruises. If you are not visiting on a ship of Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines and Celebrity Cruises

you can join us by booking directly.

We provide through Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines and Celebrity Cruises, the Sail and Snorkel

tour (KT98) and the St. Kitts Catamaran Sail & Nevis Beach Getaway (KTA4). If you are on these

lines you can sail with us by booking on the on the ship or on their website.

– Are children allowed on board?

Children are allowed on our cruises and there is no age limit. Children 6 – 12 years old are half

price and 0-5 years old are complementary

– Where does the catamaran depart from in St. Kitts?

Our scheduled sails depart from Port Zante Marina in Basseterre. This is within walking distance

to the Port Zante cruise ship pier.

Private sails can depart from any location that the catamarans can access and moor safely

– Where does the catamaran depart from in Nevis?

Our scheduled sails mainly depart from the Four Seasons pier but do also depart from Oualie

Beach, Paradise Beach and Pinney’s Beach. For our scheduled tours we will advised by the

evening before where the tour departs from.

Private sails can depart from any location that the catamarans can access and moor safely

– What are directions to meet from Port Zante cruise ship pier / terminal?

We meet at Port Zante Marina. Transportation is not required from the Port Zante cruise ship

pier. Give yourself about 15 minutes to get from ship gangway to the marina. As you exit the

Arrivals Hall take a left down the lane between Effy Jewelry and Columbian Emeralds, passed

Harley Davidson store towards the masts of the boats and the marina gate is just across the dirt car park.

Karen or Jessica will be there to meet you by the white benches under the white canopies.

– Directions from Frigate Bay?

Follow signs above into town, Basseterre. At the large roundabout just after the solar panel field

on the right, take the first exit – to the left. Then take the next right which is by the Car

Dealership for Toyota and Suzuki. Drive along this road and it will become along the sea front

until you get into town where there will be buildings on either side. At large stone building with

arch way in middle, housing the museum, take next left (just before KFC) and park in open car

park behind round about. The marina entrance is a short walk around the chain link fence, you

can’t miss the masts of the boats to the gate which is by the coconut tree. Inside the marina we

will be just inside the gate, to left.

– Do you provide transportation to the marina in St. Kitts?

Transportation to and from the marina is not included but we can provide it on request.

– Do you provide transportation in Nevis?

We do not provide transportation in Nevis. Your hotel would be happy to arrange this for you